A Path to Harm Reduction: Adequate nicotine Levels in Pouches will ensure product safety and acknowledge consumers’ preferences

To maintain the appeal of nicotine pouches as an alternative to smoking, it is crucial to provide adequate nicotine levels while upholding consumer safety. NNPA supports clear labeling of nicotine content and advocates for a maximum nicotine level per pouch of 20 milligrams to maintain effectiveness while ensuring user safety.

In terms of the nicotine content per pouch, the conclusions that were reached by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) in its recent report “Health Assessment of Nicotine Pouches” (October 7, 2022) are scientifically well argued. According to technical specifications outlined by the Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) 1, it is recommended that nicotine pouches should not exceed 20 milligrams of nicotine per consumable. In response to these standards, several countries 2 have implemented limits, capping nicotine concentration at, or close to 20 milligrams per consumable or per gram of product weight.

The nicotine used in nicotine pouches should meet standards equivalent to those of nicotine used in pharmaceutical products (pharmaceutical grade and quality according to USP/EP). All other ingredients shall meet standards equivalent to those applicable to food products. Existing product standards from the Swedish Institute of Standards and the British Standards Institute could contribute to the development of further product standards at national and EU level.

NNPA Positions:

  • Require clear markings on consumer packages of how much nicotine the product contains, expressed in milligrams per consumable,
  • Introduce a maximum level of nicotine per pouch of 20 milligrams.