Strengthening Laws Against Youth Access

To address concerns about youth access, NNPA advocates for targeted legislation that ensures access to nicotine pouches for adults while preventing minors’ access. Clear guidelines and adequate resources must be provided to competent authorities for effective supervision and enforcement.

The European Union must find the ideal balance between shielding young people from nicotine dependency and providing reduced-risk alternatives for adult smokers. The primary line of defense against nicotine addiction lies in strict and consistent enforcement of minimum age limits for the purchase, possession, and consumption of all nicotine-containing products. The effectiveness of enhanced health warnings and limitations of descriptors on nicotine products is notably reduced if minors can purchase these items directly from stores within EU Member States.

NMPA positions:

  • Prohibit sales to underage (implement the same age limit as for cigarettes) and propose moderate in-store marketing,
  • Encourage retail licensing schemes where viable,
  • Prioritize supervision of retail trade,
  • Introduce and enforce proportionate penalties for retailers who sell to underage (including the removal of their license),
  • Introduce and enforce penalties for other adults who provide nicotine to underage.