Navigating an evolving regulatory landscape

Establishing a sustainable, responsible regulatory framework for nicotine pouches is a challenge.

The Nordic Nicotine Pouches Alliance (NNPA) recognizes this and is navigating the evolving landscape of tobacco control legislation to ensure that the significance of harm-reduced nicotine consumption is understood and emphasized.

Our aim is to address legislative obstacles and shape policies favouring harm reduction.

Using real life examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of less harmful alternatives in providing alternative to consumers seeking to quit smoking, we place compelling proof in front of decision makers. Proof such as Sweden, which is on the brink of becoming the world’s first smoke-free country, represented by less than 5% of the population smoking, the lowest in the EU and the lowest levels of tobacco-related diseases and premature deaths in Europe.

Yet, the category is threatened with further disproportionate restrictions: based on various statements made by the European Commission, it cannot be ruled out that it wants to extend the existing regulation of cigarettes also to nicotine pouches as well as making the risk of a category ban real and concrete.